Sunday, November 13, 2011


About 6 years ago God choose to bless us with my now five year old son... a few weeks ago God decided to bless us again.  Yes, that's right I'm pregnant.  How exciting, amazing, and overwhelming all at the same time.  I can hardly believe it.

I am starting the blog to share my journey with you... I want to share honestly not only what I'm thinking and feeling but also what cool, interesting products I'm finding useful along the way.  I promise to let you know if I was given any of the products or discounts and how you can acquire the item for yourself as well.  I promise to let you know if I find something less than useful or maybe how it might be improved.  I will likely have a few recipes and links to other blogs to share along the way as well... like the one that inspired the name of this blog.

I'm really hoping that I'll have some exciting things, and maybe even discounts to share with you along the way.  So click on follow so you'll know what's going on and easily be able to find me... feel free to comment on my posts and let me know what you think but I do ask that you follow the "golden rule" when commenting and say only things that you would like others to say to you...

So, what am I thinking and feeling now?  I'm actually terribly excited.  I've been feeling better pregnant the last few weeks than I had in months... more energy, deeper sleep, and believe it or not the only "craving" I'm having is for green leafy things... my darling husband (here on out referred to as DH) was shocked to hear me say, "that seems too sweet," after I took a sip of cranberry juice the other day.  To explain, I generally LOVE anything sweet... plus with my first pregnancy the only thing I craved (the entire pregnancy) was grape juice. As you can probably guess I am eating very healthily already with this pregnancy... Today, for example, I had a smoothie (including milk, cabbage, avocado, cocoa nibs, homemade yogurt, blueberries, beet, persimmon, banana, flax seed, ice and that's all I can remember but there was likely more in there than that) and yes my 5 year old drank it and said he liked it, too... cocoa and avocado make it reminiscent of a chocolate shake... It's definitely exciting to be pregnant but to feel great and crave healthy things... that's just like icing on the cake... I feel very blessed.

Thanks for coming along on this journey with me... I'm looking forward to all that lies ahead.


  1. I am the HAPPIEST Karen right now thanks to this post! I can't wait to read ALL about your adventure sweet friend :) Blessings to you!