Friday, December 9, 2011


So I should tell you about the inspiration for the name of this blog.  Cherylyn, isn't that a beautiful name, over at Mamasandbabies wrote this blog post which she reposted on facebook the day I was starting to write this blog...  the post really made me think...

I, among many, sometimes want to make things easier for those who are struggling around me but at times it's best to allow the struggle to continue because it makes whomever is struggling stronger in the end and ready for the challenges that lie ahead... if I intervene that can inhibit the preparation that is taking place... Let me CLARIFY, that I am NOT saying we shouldn't help people around us.  What I am saying is that there are times when we definitely have to let others do things for themselves... maybe we provide encouragement or resources or advice... If for example someone is struggling in a math class if we do their homework or let them cheat then we haven't helped them at all; rather we've done them a grave disservice because they won't have learned anything and if they ever need to understand/know the math they were trying to learn they will be at a loss.

I think with our children there are often times when it is best to be the encourager/adviser.  It's actually fascinating sometimes to watch my son figure something out.  It's neat to see how his mind works... and to see and hear how happy he is knowing he accomplished the task he was aiming to accomplish.  It definitely brings joy to my heart.  Yes, sometimes you have to show a child how to do something 100 times before he/she can do it on their own but once they do ~ YAY! WOW! Way to go!  And the smiles are worth every ounce of effort. 

I also feel very strongly about what Cherylyn had to say about labor and birth. She says, "You would never break open a chick's egg to get it out faster knowing that as a result it would be too weak to survive. Why would you do the same thing to your own baby?"  I felt so strongly that my first child was born at 43 weeks (by his EDD) without induction.  I am definitely not offering advice here on what others should or should not do concerning post dates babies.  I am just offering a bit of my own story.  My son was definitely healthy and ready to come out by that time... and it's entirely possible that the dates were off but not by more than a week or so...

Well, there you have it... that's how I got the name for the blog and I think it's kinda' cute.  I also have to say that another friend of mine should get an honorable mention ~ Hope Mabry.  Why?  You might ask.  She is a photographer and on her site the photos she'd taken of children used to be categorized as "chicks" (she was living in the UK at the time so it may be a European thing).  She's a great photographer, too.  If you're ever in her area you should definitely check her out.

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