Thursday, January 19, 2012


I've long been remiss in posting.  I'm about 15-16 weeks along now and feeling a little bit of flutters and movements but nothing quite distinct.  This is a little different than it was with our first child, who I distinctly felt at around 16 weeks kick me sharply (not painful just very distinct).  I don't think I knew then what to expect or what I might be feeling either.

 I've been dealing with a lot of sciatic pain (pain that shoots down my right leg to my little toes) since about the Friday before Thanksgiving so I've not been doing a lot of sitting... mostly laying around... which might not sound too hard but it definitely gets old after a while... especially since I already have the urge to clean my house and get everything I can ready for the new addition to our family.

Several people have asked me if we plan on finding out whether this baby is a boy or girl.  The answer to that question is a resounding: yes, when he or she arrives ;)  We feel that there can never be too many "good" surprises in life and this is one of them.  So we wait patiently and expectantly to find out about our new baby's gender.  My father-in-law is already convinced it will be a boy.  I and DH (darling husband) are content for it to be a boy or girl and are praying that he or she is very healthy.  DS (darling son) wants a brother... only time will tell what sort of blessing God will grant us.

Thanks for keeping up with me.  I'll try to post more often as God leads and I continue to recover.  God is good and blessings to all who read my blog.

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